O.M.A. s.r.l.

O.M.A., a leading manufacturer of braiding machines and auxiliary machinery for textile threads and metal wires. Born in 1952 to operate in the field of metal items having a high technological content, it has been an influential player of the Italian industry in the design and manufacture of machinery and equipment for processing hose, cable and rope reinforcement wires since the 80s.
Major investment combined with management ability, expertise, know-how, technological innovation, research and testing, as well as care in implementing products, have characterised this great change and are still the key principles underlying the company philosophy.

Integrated production and controlled quality: the hallmarks of a brand
committed to combining and enhancing the technology applied to the product.

O.M.A. is an industrial reality consisting of two separate production units located in Vimercate (MB) perfectly integrated with each other: one entirely dedicated to high-technology production cycles; the other, headquartered and housing the administrative, research and development, technical office, warehouse, commercial office, assembly, quality control and testing departments.
The entire production cycle is carried out in-house, from component design to production, through to testing. Great flexibility, focus on customer requirements, meticulous attention to detail, and top staff skills are the strengths of a company which exports innovative and quality machinery worldwide.

The different solutions for use addressed with the expertise
and dynamism of a company at the service of numerous fields of application.

O.M.A.'s machines fully meet today's production needs and are designed for using natural and synthetic textile fibres and yarns, as well as stainless steel, copper and aluminium wires with a high, medium and low degree of resistance, but also including innovative special fibres. O.M.A.'s machines can be employed in the production of:
  • rubber hoses for high, medium, low pressure such as brake hoses; steering columns; fuel, hydraulic, and industrial hoses;
  • high, medium, and low pressure thermoplastic and Teflon pipes for automotive, aerospace, and industrial applications;
  • flexible stainless steel pipes for automotive, chemical, and industrial use;
  • cables shielded with copper, steel, glass, Kevlar wires such as energy, mining, data transmission, antenna cables;
  • nautical, safety, and mountain ropes.

Global market and customer satisfaction: a winning approach
based on a high level of quality and an articulated range of services.

The focus on rigorous organisation has affected the distribution policy - a further core of O.M.A.'s quality - based on an extensive network of agents, distributors and foreign offices, able to transfer the value and substantiality of the O.M.A. brand into the world.
International vocation, advanced industrial structure and service quality have made it possible for O.M.A. to ensure:
  • timely phone or on-site technical support;
  • fast supply and replacement of spare parts;
  • qualified advice on choosing machines and production systems or drawing up projects for implementing complete systems;
  • ready solutions to the problems submitted;
  • pre/post sales practical demonstrations;
  • extensive training for the staff in charge
    of using the machine;
  • custom development of new products and technologies to meet each customer's application requirements.

A leader future vision for a company
that has always travelled the path of quality and research.

The goal for the future is to remain at the forefront of research and development while expanding our presence in international markets.
A strong confirmation of the capabilities and potential of a modern industrial organisation which is the landmark of the made-in-Italy brand in the industry.