Wrapping / Unwrapping Machines

High productivity and ease of use.

Cutting-edge equipment to helically wrap and unwrap polyamide tapes around rubber hoses and cables, characterised by a high productivity rate along with ease of use, always maintaining an excellent quality of the finished product.

Wrapping / Unwrapping Machines

O.M.A.'s wrapping/unwrapping lines are particularly suitable to helical wrap and unwrap of woven tape on flexible and rigid mandrel rubber hoses reinforced with either yarn or wire where a very sensible and constant wrapping tension is required.
The lines have been created with a compact design and are completely electronically controlled, thus allowing for all production recipes to be saved and easily and quickly recalled.

Main technical features

With a speed up to 1000 RPM (60 ml/min), this highly reliable line allows for outstanding productivity levels

The machine is controlled by a unique computerized interface. Production specifications can be easily and quickly changed by recipe recall functions and they are constantly monitored during production operation.

Optimal quality of the finished product:
The innovative deck design and its state of the art digital electronic controls constantly monitor the tape tension and pitch during wrapping/unwrapping operation. This eliminates undesired hose twisting and tape wrinkles with the result being a completely uniform finished products.

Operator controls and safety:
Ergonomic foot and hand-operated devices allow quick and safe tape reel replacement and machine setup. The sturdy construction of the sound enclosure greatly reduces the sound level, thus protecting the operator.


Different models are available for several requirements:
  • Eccentric or concentric tape reel
  • Fixed or adjustable taping head center high
  • One or two haul - offs
  • Set ups for rigid/flexible mandrel or mandreless operation
  • Pay-off and take-up devices for single or double, embossed or transfer marking tape application in line
  • For optimal machine performance O.M.A recommends that after each unwinding cycle the tape be reconditioned with the OMA tape reconditioning machine type RBB 100.
  • This machine constantly checks the tape quality during rewinding and reduces the amount of anti-sticky solution required for less sticking effect of the tape on the hose.



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