Hose Lines

Modular, technological,
and easily manageable.

Developed on specific customer needs, O.M.A.'s integrated
hose lines feature high speed and production quality,
while ensuring ease of management.

Hose Integrated Lines

Taking advantage of a high degree of O.M.A. technology and our deep experience developing and manufacturing automated and integrated lines for the production of industrial rubber hoses on rigid mandrels up to a diameter of 6", the TDH lines are the industry standard for their easy operability and performance, so that hard-to-beat speed and high quality production are guaranteed.

O.M.A.'s TDH lines are composed of various machines or accessories and are developed on a project-by-project basis in accordance with each customer's specifications.

Basic lines usually include the innovative rubber taping machines type TGF 600/2 which, using a state of the art rubber tension control system together with a precise polyethylene protection film take-up unit, ensure constant and precise rubber deposition onto the mandrel.
O.M.A.'s TDH lines are usually than completed with the integration of several other machines such as:
  • NE 400 type wrappers and/or
  • SPRW2/600 type single, and/or double wire spiraling machine
  • 240 FRC or 190 TH/E type braiding machines
  • SPRT-L type yarn spiraling machines
  • SPRW32/250 type high tensile steel wire spiraling machines
O.M.A.'s TDH lines allow for maximum manufacturing flexibility since all controls and settings for the various machines such as tape and wire tension, polyethylene film recovery speed, tape lay angle setting, as well as line linear speed can be modified by the operator during the production cycle from the operator control panel.

Each machine integrated into O.M.A.'s TDH lines is completely synchronized electronically via the latest generation Numerical Control system expressly developed by O.M.A.'s R&D department.

Touch Screens and recipe recall selection create fast and easy machine set-ups with considerable savings in machine downtime.