Fast, reliable, quiet.

Made with revolutionary technical
solutions, O.M.A.'s wide range of vertical
braiders offers a wide selection of spindles
to fully meet any specific production requirement.

Vertical braiders

O.M.A.'s considerable technological and innovative know-how allows the creation of state-of-the-art Vertical Axis Braiding Machines. A wide range of models are available from Series 80, 104, 104 HC, 140, 170, 190, 240 and Oversize braiding machines.
All the machines are complimented by a large selection of carriers, to suit all production requirements.

Application fields

O.M.A. Vertical Axis Braiding Machines are particularly suitable for the production of:
  • round braids
  • tubular braids
  • flat braids
either with yarn or wires, as well as with aramid, glass and carbon fibers.

Main features

Horngear speed up to 320 RPM for high production performance.

Innovative integrated frame with sound proofing panels reducing noise level below 75dBA, without any loss of space or operator access.

High quality materials, oil bath lubrication and considerable manufacturing experience, ensure high reliability and low operation costs.
Available with braiding pitch adjustment by either Electronic Axis Control Siax 110 or change gears, the O.M.A. Vertical Axis Braiding Machines are offered in many different configurations and models to meet all production needs.

Electronic monitoring devices (yarn/wire break detectors, bobbin exhaustion, wire/yarn tension inconsistencies, preset meter counter) are included on the machines to ensure high performance without the constant presence of an operator.