Speed and computer control.

Made on specific customer requirements, they offer high
production quality and stand out for the computerised
management of all production processes required for
the construction of rubber hoses.

Rubber Hose Builders

To complete its wide range of machines to manufacture rubber hoses O.M.A. develops and builds customized benches according to its customers' specifications to manufacture rubber hoses on rotating rigid mandrels for lengths from 20 to 60 metres for hoses from 10 to 250 mm or special lines for hoses with a diameter up to 400 mm.

A special feature of the O.M.A. mandrel benches type BM 40 and BM 60 is the electronic management of all the production processes needed to build the hoses.

Each element of the line is controlled and managed by the latest generation Numerical Control. Each construction is configured by simply calling up previously memorized recipes which are easily programmed into the controller to support the operator for the preparation of the materials needed to build a specific hose.
Mandrel rotation speeds up to 600 RPM combined with a trolley traverse speed up to 60 m/min, the BM 40 and BM 60 mandrel benches represent the industry standard for this category of machinery.

Sophisticated, yet easy to adjust rubber tensioning systems and protection sheet collection combined with metric control of the laying pitch guarantee a constant and uniform laying of the rubber tapes as well as any other material such as fiber tapes, tire-cord, metallic wire, wrap and/or cords for hose corrugation.

Automatic or manual mandrel loading systems are also available for finished hoses. The use of an automated mandrel pole centering system and hydraulically driven auto-centering heads make it possible to lock and tension the mandrels without an operator's presence thus significantly reducing machine downtime.