Bobbin Winding Machines

Quality and maximum productivity.

Wide range of semi-automatic and automatic winding
machines for yarn and/or wire, which ensure maximum
productivity along with a high level of reeling quality.

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Bobbin Winding Machines

O.M.A. produces a wide range of bobbin winding machines, for yarn or wire, which are divided into two main groups:
The BSL series (with potentiometer for speed adjustments and pulse counter for setting the bobbin filling leve) and the BS1-BTRM series (with the numerical control system for the automatic pitch setting) belong to the first group.

The bobbin loading and unloading process is carried out manually by the operator, whereas the winding process is completely automatic.
The semiautomatic Series still allows for excellent winding quality, while also reducing the costs of a fully automatic process.

The BS1-BTRM Series can also be equipped with the Automatic Bobbin Measuring Device: this enables the machine to adjust itself automatically according to the bobbin flange traverse length, without any manual adjustments by the operator.

The BTA series winders belong to the group of FULLY AUTOMATIC winding machines. These winders are able to wind simultaneously up to 4 bobbins and represent the most technologically advanced winding systems.

They allow for the highest production rates thanks to the full automatic winding process, including loading, winding, yarn/wire retainer application, cutting and unloading without any operator assistance.