Steel wire spiraling

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Solutions at the forefront of technology ensuring perfect
metal wire deposition with maximum
productivity, thereby representing a reference point
for pipe and cable production.

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Steel Wire Spiraling Machines

The new and innovative O.M.A. spiraling line for the highly resistant steel wires of the SPRW series, fit for the production of rubber tubes, thermoplastic material and PTFE represents the best expression of the technological level attained by O.M.A. products.

The high level of technology used, combined with an accurate design and great precision in the production process, have made the spiraling lines of the SPRW series a reference point for the domain, in terms of average production and quality of the final product. This not only permits doubling productivity in relation to conventional lines but also stepping up the performance of the tubes in terms of internal combustion and life.

The range also includes spiraling machines with a SINGLE or MULTIPLE threads.

Using plastic reels type BP60ND allows taking advantage of the large availability of cheap reels in the market but also having at your disposal a big amount of thread in order to minimise stop machine times.

If a single thread is used, the reels can be directly installed on the machines without being wound up.

The lines of the SPRW series are fitted with automatic or semi-automatic chargers in order to meet any specific production requirement and minimise stop machines times. Changing reels using automatic chargers only takes 25 minutes for the 4 or 6 heads.

The innovative and patented system for thread tension control allows accurately setting the tension of the threads as per guidelines, when the machine is either stopped or operating, keeping the set tension from full to empty reel steady, regardless of reel weight, heads rotation speed and environmental conditions.

No manual regulation of the thread tension and/or eventual corrections are needed.

Through the operator's panel, the use of production guidelines and an advanced electronic control system, all data necessary for the right operation of the machine and a quick setting of the heads for new production requirements, are immediately transmitted to the machine, reducing the machine stop times for cycle shifts to the least.

The intermediate sheet application system was specially developed by O.M.A. to guarantee an accurate application of the rubber belts without excessive tension. This ensures a constant deposition of the flawless belts as well as a quick change of the sheets without having to stop the line. It also allows using belts wrapped around reels as well as belts placed in special containers (folded).

Automatic sensors for single or multiple threads break, empty reels, sheet end/break and heads functioning complete the range of accessories, ensuring top productivity in all safety and without the constant operator's presence.