textile and
copper thread

Technological, fast.

Solutions at the forefront of technology ensuring perfect
textile thread wire deposition with maximum
productivity, thereby representing a reference point
for pipe and cable production.

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Textile and copper Spiraling Machines

O.M.A. offers a wide range of spiraling machines for textile yarns and copper wires reinforcement.
SPRT/L represents the highest technology's expression for the production of low pression rubber and thermoplastic hoses using any kind of textile yarns.
SPR70 is the best option for copper and glass fibers reinforcement over electric and data cables.

Thanks to R&D advancements in regard to the rotor and positioning of the yarn or copper, O.M.A. spiralers can work with a diverse range of materials and constructions. Every standard model can be customized to each customer's individual requirements.
Machines designed and built in accordance with 2006/42/CE norms and are supplied with a CE plate.