Rapid, automated, and flexible.

Drum-coilers for packing single pole flexible cables
into cardboard, small and different-sized drums
with automatic process management, fast drum changing,
and maximisation of the quantity of cable inserted
into the drum.


The machine has been specially designed for packing single pole flexible cables into cardboard drums in order to achieve the maximum cable utilization and to ensure maximum cable extraction at high speeds.

The machine can be used both for loading the drums for subsequent sale and for filling any required stand-by drums, as processing intermediates to replace the normal reels.

The cable's source can be a service reel (rewinding) or, if the system is previously adapted, directly from an extruder.

Technical features

  • Automatic drum feeder with conveyor (entry, working and exit positions)
  • Fast drum changing, automatic cable cutting and drum storage systems
  • The drum changing system ensures the drums feed on a conveyor with a loading/unloading rollerbed
  • PLC for the electronic control of each operation and the interface with external lines
  • The machines are preset for in-line operation and interface with an extruder
  • Operation with various drum sizes
  • Electronic meter counter
  • Electronic operator panel with parameters' display


Comparative table