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Textile spiraling machines

The SPR 70 high speed spiral winding machines provide perfect spiral screening of cables with copper and aluminum wires from 0,10 to 0,30 mm as well as textile yarn and fiberglass.

SPR70 includes models with 8, 12, 16 and 24 bobbins which can also be equipped with concentric or eccentric taping unit for polyester, aluminium and copper tape.

The electronic synchronization through N.C. Control assures an easy and quick adjustment of the process parameters considerably reducing the machine set-up time.

Technical Features

  • Rotation speed adjustable from 0 to 500 R.P.M.
  • Standard bobbin size: Dia 65 x 105 mm, hole 17 mm
  • On request bobbin size Dia 80 x 100 hole dia 16 mm
  • Continuous lay length adjustment through N.C. Control with display for rotation speed, linear speed, preset meter counter, spiraling pitch
  • Continuous speed adjustment by frequency converter control
  • Automatic and immediate stop for wire breaks and bobbin exhaustion
  • The machine's modular design allows for the construction of complete spiraling lines integrated with taping heads such as concentric taping unit type NS 400.

type NS 400

  • Concentric reel
  • Max reel Dia. 400 mm – hole Dia. 76 mm
  • Tape width: min. 5 mm – max. 25 mm
  • Taping speed up to 1000 RPM adjustable by N.C.
  • Automatic and immediate stop in case of tape breaks and reel exhaustion
  • Three-phase A.C. Motor synchronized with the capstan deck through N.C. Control.