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Textile spiraling machines

The high production O.M.A. textile spiraling machine is particularly constructed for the reinforcement of thermoplastic and rubber hoses both with and without mandrel as well as fiber optic cables.

Thanks to the special shape of the spool holder disks which completely contain the bobbin within an individual enclosure and its particularly robust structure, the SPRT-L spiraling machines are able to maintain a high average production with rotation speeds which can reach up to 1200 RPM and a constant yarn tension from full to empty bobbin thanks to the absence of air turbulence normally created by disk rotation without bobbin enclosures.

The reliable and constant yarn braking system, easily adjustable without any specific tool, combined with the high quality and precision of the yarn guide unit guarantee uniform layering of a wide range of yarns including polyester, polypropylene, polyamide, cotton, aramid fibers and fiberglass.

Specific covers hinged on the rotor as well as the particular design of the bobbin holder shafts allow secure yarn unwinding without any risk of slippage or rotation of the bobbins guaranteeing fast and simple bobbin changing procedures without the use of specific tools.
To meet all production needs the SPRT-L type spiraling machines include models for 4 - 6 – 8 – 10 – 12 and 18 bobbins of 2 – 3 - 6 or 12 kg with single or dual disk constructions.

The single disk construction is preferable for reduced space requirements, and the dual disk construction makes it possible to significantly increase rotation speed and thus production thanks to the decrease in external disk diameters.

The innovative electronic control system allows easy production parameter setting by using previously memorized recipes as well as an easy integration with other machines such as extruders and taping machines for perfect production optimization.

All models of the SPRT-L series are equipped with sensors able to read and display the number of yarns being processed as well as ensure fast detection if one or more yarns break or one or more bobbins finishes with automatic stop of the line or warning signals as per selected on the manufacturing recipe.



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