Bobbin Winding Machines

Quality and maximum productivity.

Wide range of semi-automatic and automatic winding
machines for yarn and/or wire, which ensure maximum
productivity along with a high level of reeling quality.

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Bobbin winding machines

Particularly suitable to the parallel winding of yarn and wire, the BSL series bobbin winding machines include several models, with 2 or 4 bobbins to meet the requirements of varying production needs.

The series include the following models

  • BT 2/130: suitable for yarn winding
  • BM 2/130: for soft wire applications (copper, aluminium)
  • BT 4/90: yarn and composite aramid fibers
  • BSAT 160/250: yarn/composite fibers or soft and hard wire applications (copper, aluminum, stainless and galvanized steel, bronze)
  • CN 340/400: textile ropes up to 12 mm (Outside Diameter).

Common Features

  • The winder can be set up for different bobbin sizes
  • Electrical control complete of variable frequency control for carrier speed adjustment
    and progressive start
  • Warning lamp signal
  • Bobbins' filling level programmable by pulse counter or meter counter
  • Immediate and automatic machine stop in case
    of yarn or wire break or empty supply spools.
The machines are compliant with the EC rules N° 2006/42/CE for safety and noise and are marked with an EC plate..



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