Bobbin Winding Machines

Quality and maximum productivity.

Wide range of semi-automatic and automatic winding
machines for yarn and/or wire, which ensure maximum
productivity along with a high level of reeling quality.

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Bobbin winding machines

O.M.A.'s automatic winding machines type BTA are particularly designed for high quality and high speed parallel winding of textile yarns or wires such as copper, aluminum or low tensile steel to be used during braiding or spiraling processes.

The wide range of models include 2 or 4 spindles winding machines with fully electronic controlled machines using a state of the art Numerical Control system, expressly developed by O.M.A. R&D department, as well as electromechanical controlled types to be able to adequately satisfy any manufacturing requirement.

Main models

  • BTA 4/90: maximum efficiency and productivity thanks to simultaneous parallel winding of 4 bobbins. Multiple three phase asynchronous motors, electronically synchronized and managed by Numerical Control for easy and fast programming.
  • BTA 2/300 ME: parallel winding of 2 bobbins, for wires or yarns complete with labeling machines. Brushless motors for bobbin rotation and yarn/wire traversing with Numerical Control for easy and fast programming.
  • BTA 2/300: parallel winding of 2 bobbins for yarn. Three phase asynchronous motor, traverse movement with mechanical adjusting system.

Main features

  • Winding speed up to 6000 rpm.
  • Completely automated bobbin winding process without operator assistance including empty bobbin loading, full bobbin unloading, yarn/wire cutting and locking into the new bobbins
  • Pneumatic management of all bobbin changeover movements and yarns/wires cutting with special high resistant, long-lasting scissors
  • High precision and reliable length counter together with a perfect control of the winding and changeover process allow for equalized lengths of yarn/wire wound on the bobbins eliminating yarn/wire unwinding operation or expensive scraps
  • Special retractable pneumatic locking sleeves grant reliable connections of the yarn/wire to the empty bobbins without the residual tail of yarn/wire projecting from the bobbin flange
  • All of the BTA models can be equipped for full bobbin collection both in a specific container or on stationary or mobile guides to optimize the full bobbin unloading procedures by the operator
  • BTA 2/300 ME models are equipped with an innovative and automatic yarn/wire locking system using an adhesive tape. It is useful for any type of bobbin since It doesn't require any specific flange or equipment on the bobbin and it is self-adjustable to yarn/wire length wound. The system allows for the selection of single binding (at the end of the winding cycle) or double binding (at the beginning and end of the winding cycle). The double binding is particularly useful for rotary braiding machines.



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