Bobbin Winding Machines

Quality and maximum productivity.

Wide range of semi-automatic and automatic winding
machines for yarn and/or wire, which ensure maximum
productivity along with a high level of reeling quality.

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Bobbin winding machines

O.M.A.'s new generation of semiautomatic wire winding machines called BS1-BTRM includes the most advanced technological improvements in wire winding equipment. This results in outstanding performance at high speeds together with reliability over long periods of operation.

Main Applications

  • high tensile steel wires
  • high tensile stainless steel wires
  • soft steel and stainless steel wires.

Main Features

  • Number of spindles: 1
  • Number of ends: from 1 to 48
  • Wire sizes: from 0,12 to 0,7 mm. (0.0047" – 0.027")
  • Max. linear speed: 700 m/min. (2296 ft/min.)
  • Electronic Control type SIAX 300 for monitoring of operations and troubleshooting
  • Motorized capstan for consistence wire pulling
  • Servo driven bobbin traversing
  • Optional: Automatic Bobbin Traverse Measuring Device.
These features, together with the revolutionary Pay-Off System Type "CDE 300" which is set up with a motor and an inverter for each supply spool, eliminate the most common winding problems.

Advantages of combining the BS1-BTRM Winder with the CDE 300 Pay-Off Creel

  • Reduced winding time due to high and constant linear speed up to 700 m/min
  • Excellent catenary, improved quality of braids (less crossed wires)
  • Simple, fast and repeatable wire tension adjustment (limited set-up time)
  • Consistent performances over long periods of operation, due to simple gravity tensioning system (no periodic adjustments required)
  • Minimum bobbin stretch because of lower winding tension
  • Improved braiding efficiency and productivity (reduce wire breaks)
  • Reduced maintenance with the elimination of traditional mechanical brakes
  • Lower tension on braider carriers and therefore less wear and tear on mechanical components.
  • In use with the Bobbin Traverse Measuring Device the machine will automatically adjust itself to each individual and actual bobbin traverse length without any adjustment to be made by the operators during the winding process.



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