Fast, reliable, quiet.

Made with revolutionary technical
solutions, O.M.A.'s wide range of vertical
braiders offers a wide selection of spindles
to fully meet any specific production requirement.


Vertical braiders

The vertical axis braiding machines of the 140V series represent the best solutions for several applications, due to their particular construction and the wide number and type of carriers available.

The best feature of the 140 is the outstanding compromise of speed and carrier capacity that allows for outstanding production rates as well as a low number of bobbin changes and reduced machine downtime.

Besides the traditional change gears system, O.M.A. has introduced the revolutionary SIAX electronic axis control, which provides electronic synchronization between carriers speed and product extraction.

The SIAX control permits a quick and easy continuous adjustment of the braiding pitch, which adjusts itself immediately to the desired length, completely eliminating the use of gears. With the electronic axis control SIAX , the very fine set-up of the pitch can be achieved with both the machine running or stopped, thanks to a digital selector on which the desired pitch length is set.

The electronic axis control SIAX is equipped with a digital display, on which one can view the rotation speed of the carriers (RPM), braiding pitch, linear speed of the product, pre-set meter counter and trouble-shooting features.
It guarantees the automatic and immediate stop of the braider in case of wire/yarn breakage, bobbin exhaustion, wire/yarn tension inconsistencies, or pre-set counter reached. In this way, the constant attention by operators is not necessary during machine runs. The braider’s solid structure, high quality of materials used and efficient oil bath lubrication permit the highest level of productivity with the lowest operation costs.

Main Applications

  • Technical Ropes and Cords
    (Safety, Climbing, Sailing)
  • High Pressure Automotive Products
    (Power Steering, Brake, Socket less, Engine hose)
  • Low Pressure Automotive Products
    (Power Steering Return, Air Conditioning)
  • Teflon and Thermoplastic Hoses
  • Aerospace Hoses
  • Mandrel and Mandrel less Rubber
    and Silicone Hoses
  • Electrical and Communication Cables
  • Tubular, flat and round technical Products



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