Fast, reliable, quiet.

Made with revolutionary technical
solutions, O.M.A.'s wide range of vertical
braiders offers a wide selection of spindles
to fully meet any specific production requirement.


Vertical braiders

The braiders of the 104 HC series have been specifically developed to produce a quality product with high output, representing the best alternative to the rotary type braiders.

Typically used for the screening of electrical cables, the braiders of the 104 HCM series have been rapidly evolving with the 112 mm horn gear that also enables the use of textile carriers.

High bobbin capacity and updated technical features increase the versatility of the 104 HCM braiders and make them suitable for the widest range of applications.

Main Applications

  • Shielding of coaxial, antenna, data transmission, heating, defrosting and high temperature cable
  • Flat, round and tubular electrical braids
  • Electric/steam cable
  • Power cable
  • Catheter and medical products
  • Nautical, safety, climbing, novelty ropes
  • Glass, carbon fiber and composite braids
  • Reinforcing of small rubber, thermoplastic, PTFE, silicone hose



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