Fast, reliable, quiet.

Made with revolutionary technical
solutions, O.M.A.'s wide range of vertical
braiders offers a wide selection of spindles
to fully meet any specific production requirement.


Vertical braiders

Specifically developed for the production of large diameter round, square and helical ropes using traditional and/or synthetic fibers for larger diameters or long lengths.

Main Applications

  • Large diameter ropes
  • Medium diameter ropes on long length.

Technical Features

  • Vertical axis
  • Gears and horn gears oil bath lubrication
  • Variable braiding pattern, 1:1, 2:1 or 2:2
  • Left and right carrier threading
  • Carrier tension variation from 1 to 12 kg. by adjustable charge compression springs
  • Electronic Axis Control for immediate pitch adjustment and synchronisation between extraction system and braiding deck
  • AC motor drive controlled by frequency converter for carrier speed adjustment without steps
  • Overload motor protection
  • Line Forward/Reverse jog and Capstan Forward/Reverse jog
  • Automatic machine shut off for broken end, empty bobbin, empty supply spool, inner core run out or uneven tension
  • Integrated sound proofing enclosure grants noise level lower than 80 dBA
  • Machine in conformity with European safety Rules 2006/42/CE.



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