Horizontal braiders

Sturdy, with high rotational speed.

Specifically developed with high strength materials,
and distinguished by its reel capacity and type of spindles,
they are suitable for heavy use, ensuring optimal operation
at high rotational speeds.


Horizontal braiders

The 190 braiders are specifically designed for braiding of high tensile and stainless steel, copper wire as well as textile and composite fibers.

The solid frame construction, the high quality materials and the efficient automatic oil pump lubrication system permit the highest output with the lowest operational cost.

The 190 Horizontal braiders include, upon request, a unique fully automatic system for wire braided sleeves on rigid mandrel.

This system, particularly suitable for the manufacturing of stainless steel reinforced corrugated hoses, combines the electronic control SIAX 110 Light and a new automatic rigid mandrel retraction device.

Main Application

  • Automotive hose
  • Aerospace hose
  • Corrugated hose on rigid mandrel
  • Medium and high pressure rubber
    and thermoplastic hose
  • Flexible metal tube
  • Hydraulic hose
  • Armoring of cables.



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