Horizontal braiders

Sturdy, with high rotational speed.

Specifically developed with high strength materials,
and distinguished by its reel capacity and type of spindles,
they are suitable for heavy use, ensuring optimal operation
at high rotational speeds.


Horizontal braiders

The simple concept and design of the O.M.A. 240 FRC series horizontal axis braiding machines has been created for the highest production rates over long periods of operation.

The machines are composed of 3 main components: gears, horn gears and special bearings, which can be used in all the 240 Series models with different carrier patterns (from 12 to 96). This allows for storage of only a minimum quantity of spare parts.

The induction hardened steel track is composed by a series of independent and interchangeable sections, and heat treated high resistance materials are used for all rotating and sliding parts that give the equipment the highest level of reliability.

The simple but precise manufacturing allows for a minimal amount of scheduled maintenance, reducing machine downtime.

The great versatility of the O.M.A. 240 FRC Braiding Machines enables them to be retrofitted very easily from a single deck machine into a double or triple deck line.

Main Applications

  • Low, Medium and High Pressure Rubber
    and Thermoplastic and Hydraulic Hoses
  • Medium and High pressure Teflon® hoses
  • Aerospace Hoses
  • Corrugated or Rigid Mandrel Hoses
  • Flexible Metal Tubes and Bellows.

Main Features

  • Different bobbin sizes or materials (wire and textile fibers) can be used on the same carrier components
  • Wide range of tensions available, from 2 to 15 Kg
  • Off-line bobbin replacement and carriers threading and setup (this reduces the bobbin change over time, at least by half, in respect to the most commonly used carriers)
  • Carrier maintenance during bobbin replacement
  • Multiple wire threading carrier head for compensating the wire tension difference from full to empty bobbin, resulting in a constant wire tension control
  • High bobbin capacity for maximum production efficiency



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