Horizontal braiders

Sturdy, with high rotational speed.

Specifically developed with high strength materials,
and distinguished by its reel capacity and type of spindles,
they are suitable for heavy use, ensuring optimal operation
at high rotational speeds.


Horizontal braiders

The model 340 FTG braiding machines have been developed specifically for the production of umbilicals and thermoplastic hoses with traditional or synthetic yarns, for large diameter cables and hoses or for substantial continuous length requirements without bobbin changeovers.

Principle Applications

  • Umbilical cables
  • Thermoplastic hose.

Technical Characteristics

  • Horizontal Axis
  • Oil bath lubrication
  • Variable braid pattern: 1:1, 2:1, 2:2
  • Left and Right carrier threading
  • Tension adjustable by color coded springs from 1 to 12 Kg
  • Electronic synchronization between the carrier deck and the capstan speed for infinite pitch adjustment without change gears by means of PLC
  • A.C. motor drive with frequency converter control for fine carriers speed adjustment from 0 to max speed and encoder for capstan speed synchronization
  • Motor overload protection
  • Push button for: start - stop - forward jog - backward jog – capstan/braid deck only jog forward and backward
  • Immediate and automatic machine stop for yarn break, empty bobbin, core run out, offset die, low braid point, and open door, etc
  • Integrated sound proofing panels for an ergonomic design that guarantees sound levels less than 80 dB
  • Machines designed and built in accordance with 2006/42/CE norms and are supplied with a CE plate



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