Horizontal braiders

Sturdy, with high rotational speed.

Specifically developed with high strength materials,
and distinguished by its reel capacity and type of spindles,
they are suitable for heavy use, ensuring optimal operation
at high rotational speeds.


Horizontal braiders

With the new series of braiding machines type 363, the O.M.A. has expanded its production range to include the 3:1 braiding

Commercialised in 2014 after years of studies and spot-on tests, today, the horizontal axle braiding machines type 363 are a great alternative to the braiding machines type 240 FRC and above all to the rotating braiding systems.

In fact, the innovative 3:1 braiding system and the use of highly cutting-edge material allow the 363 series to yield an average production that is 35% higher than the series of conventional 2:1 braiding machines. This greatly reduces the gap with the rotating braiding systems but maintains the well-known reliability of the O.M.A.. products so as to ensure high production average in the long term.

The introduction of the new spindle type 240BF with reel clutch release, allows for a better control of thread tension while weaving, and a drastic reduction in the thread entanglement.

Using the reel which is normally used on the O.M.A. braiding machines (240 FRC), with over 9.5 kg of thread, ensures long production cycles and total compatibility between the two machines without any change to the winding process.

Characterised by a simple and largely tested design, the braiding machines are composed of 3 main parts: gears, backing pads and spindles, which can be used on all models type 363 to ensure high interchangeability and reduction in the parts to store. All parts are made of highly resistant material and are thermally treated so as to guarantee a very low degree of preliminary maintenance and the near absence of extraordinary maintenance.

Through the operator's panel, the use of production guidelines and an advanced electronic control system, all data necessary for the right operation of the machine and a quick setting of the heads for new production requirements, are immediately transmitted to the machine, reducing the machine stop times for cycle shifts to the least.

Automatic sensors for single or multiple threads break, empty reels, sheet end/break and heads functioning complete the range of accessories, ensuring top productivity in all safety and without the constant operator's presence.

Main Applications

  • Rubber tubes, thermoplastic material, low, medium and high pressure PTFE both on flexible and rigid mandrels for hydraulic, automotive, aerospace and industrial use
  • Ground or submarine electric power wires
  • Unbellicos wires
  • Flexible stainless steel tubes for an automotive and industrial use.

Main Features

  • Different bobbin sizes or materials (wire and textile fibers) can be used on the same carrier components
  • Wide range of tensions available, from 2 to 15 Kg
  • High braiding quality with limited number of wire overcrossing
  • Carrier maintenance during bobbin replacement
  • Multiple wire threading carrier head for compensating the wire tension difference from full to empty bobbin, resulting in a constant wire tension control
  • High bobbin capacity for maximum production efficiency.



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