Horizontal braiders

Sturdy, with high rotational speed.

Specifically developed with high strength materials,
and distinguished by its reel capacity and type of spindles,
they are suitable for heavy use, ensuring optimal operation
at high rotational speeds.

Horizontal Braiders

The O.M.A. Horizontal Axis Braiding Machines have been designed for the production of high, medium and low pressure rubber, Teflon and thermoplastic hoses, as well as stainless steel flexible hoses and energy cables.

Main features

The particular concept of the rotor group assembly, the track and lubrication system assure high productivity rates reducing machine downtime for routine maintenance or repairs.

The lines can be realized with single or multiple braiding decks and integrated with several extraction system options, such as capstans or caterpillar haul-offs. Furthermore, the lines can be completed and optimized with rubber taping machines, wrapping machines and spiral winders.

The simple and efficient control system can be run with the assistance of only one operator (even unskilled), who can look after multiple machines at the same time.